Ultra-Absorbent Kitchen Draining Mat

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Ultra-Absorbent Kitchen Draining Mat

Experience a cleaner and tidier kitchen with our Super Absorbent Anti-slip Draining Mat. Designed to handle the demands of a busy kitchen, this mat ensures your countertops remain spotless and dry.

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Product Highlights

Material Excellence: Crafted with faux velveteen and rubber, ensuring durability and softness.

Splash Guard: Say goodbye to water splashes and coffee stains. This mat absorbs them instantly, maintaining a clean countertop.

Efficient Draining: Assists in draining water from washed tableware, preventing mold, bacteria, and ensuring hygiene.

Stay-Put Design: Features a non-slip texture on the back, ensuring the mat remains firmly in place without shifting.

Versatile Use: Perfect as a coffee pad, and equally efficient as a drying pad for tableware and cups in kitchens, bars, and bathrooms.

Available Sizes

  • Small: 20x30cm (7.87x11.81 inches)
  • Medium: 30x40cm (11.81x15.75 inches)
  • Large: 40x50cm (15.75x19.69 inches)
  • Extra Large: 50x60cm (19.69x23.62 inches)

Note: Colors may slightly vary due to different monitor settings. Please allow a 1-2 cm deviation in measurements.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Experience
Don't let wet countertops dampen your kitchen vibes. Order now and elevate your kitchen's functionality and aesthetics!

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